Cheapest Airlines From SFO to AMD

There is no direct SFO to AMD flight available currently. All the major airlines operate for SFO to AMD flight route and there are several other options available in connecting flights and. It is one of the common flight routes. AMD is the airport code of the Ahmedabad International airport which is known as SardaarVallabh Bhai Patel International Airport.SFO which is the code of San Francisco International Airport is located 14 miles from the downtown of the San Francisco city

There are more than 80 SFO to AMD flights that are available in which Air Canada is offering the best deals on flight booking as compare to the other airlines. Air India is also one of the best airlines on this route. In order to save some cash on SFO to AMD flight, one can head towards Oakland International Airport which is 12 miles away from the downtown.

Best airlines to travel from SFO to AMD are Air Canada and the best price one can expect is around $955. The average price rate for SFO to AMD flight is around $1050 on a daily basis. The best month to travel from San Francisco to Ahmedabad is April because of the price range. Overall if anyone is traveling the first time to Ahmedabad then it is advised to check the weather because temperature is quite high from April to July month. Winter season will be suitable for those foreigner who are all from American and European countries.

The minimum travel time required by an SFO to AMD flight is around 19 hours. The total air route distance from SFO International airport to AMD International airport is around 8,126 miles.

Few ways where a traveler may try to book a ticket to save money, the first one is that if an individual is an expert in comparing and trick to book a flight ticket that it is better to buy a ticket by own or one can take help from any travel agency. There are manyTravel agencies who will provide discounts and offers on flight bookings. One of the best travel agencies of the US is BigTravelHelp which is offering up to 40% discount on flight booking which is applicable for both economy class and business class.

To save some cash on flight tickets many airlines offer deals and discounts or anyone can book flight ticket three to two months before traveling and if you book a ticket for the first flight of the day you will save more because the price range increases per hour so it is better to book a ticket for early morning.

The best Airlines which provide their services from SFO to AMD international airport are:

  • Air India
  • Air Canada
  • Lufthansa
  • Turkish Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • United Airlines


  • Always try to reach 3 hours before boarding for international flights and reach 2 hours before boarding for domestic flights because security is tight for international flights.
  • Booking air ticket for round trip is always a good deal to save money on flight tickets.
  • There are no direct SFO to AMD flights available.
  • Air Canada is offering the lowest airfare on flight bookings.
  • April is the best month to visit in terms of flight prices.

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